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The Jamaican New Testament

Posted: 2012-07-31
Written by: ONeil Passley
After so many years and so many attempts, the Jamaican New Testament (JNT) is finally a reality! The JNT was launched in several locations in the UK in October, 2012, including the Jamaican High Commission in London.  The Jamaica launch was held at the Bethel Baptist Church in Kingston.


The JNT is a culmination of some twenty (20) years of work by dedicated and trained translators, Bible scholars and linguists. To date, the JNT is the largest and the most standardised body of work in the Jamaican language.

The printed text is a beautifully bound New Testament with black vinyl cover and silver-gild Bible leaf. Additionally, it comes in a durable and attractive box case. The text is published in diglot form, with Jamaican text set alongside the King James Version for reference; it includes a guide on how to read Jamaican, maps relevant to the New Testament, a list of important dates in Jamaica's history, Jamaica's National Anthem and National Pledge and descriptions an pictures of two of Jamaica's important national emblems.

The BSWI thanks God for the many individuals, churches and organisations—locally and abroad—who have partnered with us over the years to make the JNT a reality.  The prayers, words of encouragement and financial contribution