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In its continuing effort to support and serve the churches as a part of its mission and mandate the Bible Society is seeks the opportunity to partner with the ministers’ fraternal in hosting one-day seminar titled “Identity and the Gospel: What the Preacher forgot to tell me.” 

The seminars seek s to explore, from a biblical perspective, God’s original plan and intention for the male/female relationship.  The title for the seminar is based on the very insightful book written Dr. Faith Linton in which she shares very profound reflections and theological commentary on Genesis 1 & 2. 

Dr. Linton shares how issues such as race and colour can affect how we interpret and share the Gospel and our view of sin.  It is the most thought provoking encounter which we believe is of significant value for the leader of the church community.  

A copy of the book is presented free of cost to each pastor/leader who attends and stays for the duration of the seminar along with a special gift.

This seminar is limited only to pastors and other church leaders and their spouses. 

All cost including any registration fee is usually waved as Bible Society welcomes all of our specially invited leaders to attend, bearing in mind the limited spaces available. We believe in not only feeding God’s people with the spiritual food but also the physical food, as a result of this lunch and refreshment is provided.

We have conducted seminars in the following areas: Kingston & St. Andrew, Mandeville, Portland, St. Mary, St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Hanover and Clarendon.

We would like to express thanks and appreciation for the overwhelming support Bible Society has been receiving from the Pastors and church leaders across the Island.

Please continue to pray for us so their can be no limitation to spread the word.

God bless you all